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  • Personal loans up to $50,000
  • Low-interest starting from 8.70%
  • Repayment up to 5 years

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About MoneyMe

MoneyMe is an Australian online loans provider that helps its customers bridge the gaps in their monthly budgets.

They can finance you when you have a cash emergency or unexpected expenses. Their personal loans are easily accessible and straightforward. Furthermore, their use of modern technology means that the online application process is user-friendly and fast. Applying for a loan has never been easier.

100% Online loan application

The online application is uncomplicated, and there is no paperwork required. You don’t have to wait days or weeks for loan approval. MoneyMe will examine your application quickly and will respond with immediacy. Their service is impeccable and will allow you access to funds on the same day.

Affordable & transparent personal loans

MoneyMe focuses on transparent and responsible lending practices. Their interest rates are reasonable (between 8.99 – 29.99% p/a), and their terms and conditions are evident from the get-go. You can borrow as much as up to $50,000 and repay them between three months to two years.

Your loan amount, loan term, and final loan costs will be disclosed before accepting your offer. There are no fine print or hidden fees in their agreements, and they will ensure that you are aware of all the features and obligations that come with the loan. MoneyMe is clear about its commitment to helping its clients first.

MoneyMe Services

MoneyMe offers online loans of up to $1000.

This can reduce the burden of living expenses, cover one of your outstanding bills, or even help you fund the replacement of a broken appliance in your home. Whatever your financial needs are, MoneyMe can help you meet your goals.

Quick cash in a few hours

Their concise and thorough online loan application can be completed in a matter of minutes without needing to fill in and sign time-consuming paperwork. Additionally, they outsource Bank Vision technology to automatically access your bank statements from the past three months, making your life even more hassle-free.

Immediate decision on your loan application

The amount that you have requested can be transferred into your bank account within an hour. MoneyMe follows the strict protocol of ethical and accountable lending. They will guarantee that the repayment terms are suitable for your personal situation and ensure that you feel satisfied with the agreement conditions.

As such, they will verify that the repayment schedule and the date of your income or salary match so that you are never caught off guard or left in the lurch. There are also more advantages to partnering with MoneyMe. Some of these benefits will occur after you develop and maintain a strong credit score with them.

 The primary rewards include

  • Access to personal loans free from hidden fees.
  • You can apply even if you have a bad credit history.
  • You can receive your loan payout almost immediately.

MoneyMe – Personal loan

  • Loan Type Personal loans
  • Interest Rate 8.7019.95% p/a
  • Loan Amount up to $50,000
  • Repayment 1 year to 5 years

Benefits of MoneyMe

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Same day cash payout
  • Flexible repayment terms

Personal loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This personal loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Get quick approval on personal loans

MoneyMe is a dependable and well-respected lender in Australia that offers personal loans and other loan types.

They also have quick loans, which are available at any time and any place. Their online personal loans begin from $200 and $2000 so that you can fund whatever you need quickly and sustainably. MoneyMe intends to transform the way low-interest personal loans feature on the market by providing online access for their clientele. Their online application has a simple interface that anyone can navigate easily.

Their 5-minute online loan application process means that you can receive your cash in just an hour. Moreover, there are additional benefits of banking with MoneyMe. When you repay your loan on time, you can build a good relationship with the company, boosting your credit history and resulting in long-term advantages. In the future, this might make you eligible to borrow more significant amounts of money at a far lower rate than as a new customer.

Paying back your Personal Loan has never been simpler

Your loan repayment will be calculated according to your pay date monthly. MoneyMe is realistic about their client’s financial circumstances and aims to assist them at all levels. They will give you approximately one month to repay $1,000 and then a more extended period to refund larger amounts. They will also assess the amount that you can afford to repay.

Additionally, MoneyMe will ensure that they send you a polite reminder about the cost just before you need to settle the instalment. Hence, you never need to worry about forgetting your monthly repayment. If you are worried about adhering to your loan commitments, get in touch with the MoneyMe team, and they will do their best to accommodate your needs or find another suitable option for your situation. MoneyMe always prioritizes its customers.

You can achieve a speedy and suitable online loan in your bank account with MoneyMe in just one working day since your application. Don’t hesitate to inquire via email or on their website should you have any questions about how to apply for a personal loan.

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MoneyMe is a trusted & reliable provider of personal loans

In our review, MoneyMe adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with the National Consumer Protection Act, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

✅ MoneyMe is a registered credit provider in Australia: ACL FSP 442218

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2020

I will turn to Money Me whenever I need financing due to their efficient, friendly service and speedy turnaround times.

Peter R
— Perth —

September 2019

Money Me helped me get the funds I need within one day! Thank you for your support when I needed it most.

Marie J
— Auckland —

July 2020

Getting a personal loan could not have possibly been any easier! Thank you, Money Me.

Jason H
— Adelaide —

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