LoanVP aims to make your life easier by showing you which lenders meet your individual needs and which offer you the best overall value for money.

Australians are spoilt for choice when it comes to financial products like personal loans, credit cards and even home loans with multiple providers and hundreds of individual products available.

Although this large number of lenders is good news for consumers who will benefit from more competitive pricing, features and service, it also means that finding the best possible product isn’t as easy as it once was when choices were limited.

Traditional Banks & Credit Unions

A large number of lenders listed on this site are traditional banks and credit unions which not only form the bulk of the country’s credit providers but also lay claim to some of the most competitively priced personal loans and credit products.

If you’re looking to change banks, LoanVP can help you get a complete picture of what is out there and what they offer. We also have a category dedicated entirely to credit unions that offer some of the lowest rates on home loans, vehicle finance and even credit card products.

Looking to Consolidate Debt?

In addition to offering Australians a quick, easy and unbiased way to find a lender that offers them competitive credit at affordable rates, LoanVP can help you find the ideal debt consolidation loan.

Debt consolidation requires you to roll all of your smaller debts, including credit card and store card debt, into one larger personal loan.

This personal loan will come with a longer loan term and will ideally carry a lower interest rate. You will then enjoy a single, easier to manage loan and lower monthly repayments.

Search, Find, Choose & Apply

From unbeatable credit card deals to Australia’s most competitive money market lenders – we can help you research, find, choose and apply for a loan online - no matter what your needs are.

LoanVP currently lists hundreds of lenders that are ready to offer you your ideal loan at just the right price. On each lenders page you can view details on their company, an overview of their products and services and a list of loan details and features.

These loan details tell you everything from the minimum and maximum loan amount to whether or not the lender will consider an applicant with bad credit. You can also find a link that takes you directly to the specified lenders website and all their contact details.

Our Services

Whether you’re looking for an emergency loan that you can obtain online or a home loan provider that you can trust for years to come – we’ve got you covered.

We provide Australians with a comprehensive database of credit providers which are listed based on the products and services they offer.

We are not a credit provider and do not make financial or credit decisions.