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Hume Bank

  • Cash rewards
  • Google Pay
  • Low-interest starting from 11.95 %

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About Hume Bank

Hume Bank is very involved with its clients and their local communities around the country.

With client service as their top priority, they make sure that they service all the different consumer markets with the products their customers need and want. This includes everything from personal loans to everyday bank accounts for students.

Banking & security tips

Offering a full range of extended banking services, they also take their client's transactional security into account by making sure they have plenty of tips and special information available for their clients 24/7.

Hume Bank makes sure they keep their customers update with the latest internet banking scams so that customers know their personal details are safe when they log onto the bank's website. Any new information about scams is immediately uploaded onto the bank's website so that all clients are up to date with possible scam techniques.

Looking after their clients

From an early age, Hume Bank starts looking after their current and future clients. By holding workshops around the country they make sure youngsters learn how to look after their money and make clever financial solutions as they mature.

They recently won Money Magazine’s 2017 Best Kids’ Savings Account with their product called Clancy Koala Account.

Hume Bank Services

Being an up to date and modern bank, Hume offers their customers 3 different kinds of credit cards in addition to all their other banking services such as personal loans, everyday transactional accounts, savings and deposit accounts, insurance products, home loans, car loans, foreign currency transactions and financial planning.

Hume Value Visa

  • The bank’s most popular credit card known as the “no frills, no fuss” card.
  • Reasonable, low interest rate of 11,95 %
  • 55 days free credit
  • No fee for additional cards needed
  • Up to $20 000,00 credit limit
  • Protected by Visa online shopping

Hume Clear Visa

  • Popular rewards programme for every $1 spent
  • Spend over $8 000,00 and pay no annual fee of $30
  • 55 days of credit interest free
  • Up to $50 000,00 credit limit
  • Also protected by Visa with online shopping

Business Visa Credit Card

  • Low interest of 10,10 % with your residentially secured
  • Loyalty programme rewards
  • 55 days interest free credit
  • Can apply for 9 individual cards
  • No annual fee if spend goes over $24 000,00
  • Credit limits start at $5 000,00
  • Uses Visa payWave

Hume Bank – Credit card

  • Loan Type Credit cards
  • Interest Rate from 11.95 %

Benefits of Hume Bank

  • Reliable credit cards
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Apply online for fast approval

Focusing on the customer and giving you what you need

Like all banks, Hume Bank wants the best for their customers. They want the best personal finance products and most of all they want to promise and offer the best service.

So when it comes to processing a credit card application, they need certain documentation to go with it – the quicker you get the documents to them, the quicker you will get an answer as to whether you qualify or not.

The following documents are required to process a credit card application:

  • Residential address – current and previous
  • Salary Slip
  • Employment details
  • Assets and Liabilities, details of other debt
  • If you work for yourself, you will also need:
    • Business Tax Documents / Return for the last 2 years (Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement)
    • Personal Tax returns for last 2 years

Going the extra mile

Hume Bank is very involved in 3 areas that affect community life and children – including teaching children about financial literacy and hosting a junior savings club.

With the help of donations, sponsorships and other fundraisers, the bank assists 200 community groups throughout the year.

They offer you an account for your kids

They have an account for the kids that enjoy saving and would like a place to stash their pocket money until it is the amount that they would like to use for either a toy or a game and this account is perfect for anyone that is 11 or younger. The bonuses of using the account are that you as an adult do not have to pay fees for the account as your child has been exempt from bank fees and your kids get bonuses for saving their cash. You are able to deposit funds into your kid’s bank account by going to the ATM or an online transaction. The best part about your kid's account is that you are able to keep tabs on the account at all times. Teaching children to save is a great lesson in life it is a lesson that helps them as they get older and that is why Hume Bank offers you the Clancy Koala account for your kids.

They care about their community

Their company has a strong understanding that you care for those who care for you and you help those who can’t help themselves or need a helping hand to get started. The company likes to make sure that their communities do get rewarded but the best of all is that they will offer you a sponsorship. They look for team players that need help to get their organisations off the ground or schools.

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Hume Bank is a trusted & reliable provider of credit cards

In our review, Hume Bank adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with the National Consumer Protection Act, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

✅ Hume Bank is a registered credit provider in Australia: ACL 244248

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

September 2018

We have opened accounts for our children with Hume and the kids are loving saving for new game and action figures. We recommend the company

Sean S
— Perth —

March 2019

I can keep tabs on my accounts and my kid's accounts which makes me happy and makes me feel safe as a member that we are in control all the time

Jenny S
— Sydney —

January 2019

Happy to say I have no complaints only joy when working with the call centre to sort out a problem had great service and happy to say I recommend the company.

Scotty B
— Perth —

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