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  • Car loans up to $100,000
  • Low-interest starting from 7.99%
  • Repayment up to 7 years

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About Bankwest

Bankwest offers a straightforward, welcoming, and safe banking experience.

Their team of over 3,000 dedicated members simplifies banking across Australia, supporting customers from savings to selling. This entity surpasses expectations in community engagement, volunteering approximately 7,000 hours annually.

With a history of over 125 years, Bankwest has always been there to assist customers without fail. In 2021, they played a crucial role in protecting customers from scams and fraud, saving an estimated $90 million. They also provide a variety of in-app payment options for flexible and personalised banking experiences.

By equipping brokers with essential tools, service and support, the bank ensures exceptional encounters for its customers. To further enhance accessibility, Bankwest provides a 24/7 Australian-based contact centre, reachable through the phone or online channels.

Equality trailblazers and technological innovators

Throughout its history, this financial institution has been a trailblazer in meeting customer needs and introducing innovative banking solutions. They were ahead of their time, introducing drive-in branches and after-hours cash dispensers in Western Australia before ATMs became widespread.

They took significant steps towards equality by being the first bank in WA to appoint women to permanent telling positions.

They also led the way in Australia by fully implementing electronic data processing. By staying at the forefront of banking technology, they’ve managed to consistently benefit their customers.

Simplify your banking experience with Bankwest

This prestigious bank is all about banking with less hassle, complexity, and frustration. They prioritise relationships over transactions and aim to provide solutions right from the first contact. With a focus on charging fewer fees, more money stays in your pocket for the things that matter.

They keep you informed and avoid nasty surprises with easy alerts, providing notifications when your funds are running low. You can also organise your finances effortlessly by bucketing your money and personalising account nicknames.

Scam detection available around the clock

Bankwest takes your security seriously, with local experts trained in scam detection available round the clock.

During tough times, they offer support packages to help alleviate stress and provide flexible solutions. With Bankwest, it's all about banking with fewer concerns and tension.

Bankwest Services

Bankwest's secured car loan with fixed rates, offering you a competitive interest rate of 7.99% p.a. and a comparison rate of 8.34% p.a.

You have the flexibility to choose a loan term ranging from three to seven years, along with your preferred repayment frequency. With no application fee, you can have peace of mind knowing your exact repayments.

The loan allows borrowing amounts up to $100,000, up to 120% of the value of the security. Bankwest also provides convenient features such as online redraw through the Bankwest App.

It's important to note that there may be additional fees, including a monthly loan maintenance fee of $5 and an early repayment fee of $250 if the loan is closed within the first 24 months.

Bankwest car loans: Benefits to suit your needs

Choose your loan term and repayment frequency

You have the flexibility to choose the loan term, ranging from three to seven years, and select a repayment frequency that works for you.

Repay your loan early

You also have the option to make extra payments beyond the minimum requirement whenever you choose.

Bankwest’s convenient redraw facility

This financial institution also provides access to surplus funds 24/7, allowing you to redraw online and on the go using the Bankwest App.

Bankwest car loans: Rates and fees unveiled

When it comes to Bankwest's car loans, there are important aspects to consider, such as the rates and fees associated with the loan. The fixed interest rate stands at 7.99% p.a., providing stability and predictability for your repayments. The comparison rate, which includes additional fees and charges, is 8.34% p.a.

Understanding the comparison rate is crucial when considering this organisation’s car loans. It's also important to note the $5 monthly loan maintenance fee and the potential $250 early repayment fee within the first 24 months. These factors promote transparency and assist in effective car loan planning.

Explore different car choices and secure financing

Bankwest car loans provide a simple and flexible way to borrow money. You can borrow between $10,000 and $100,000 to finance your desired car or motorcycle. Vehicles valued at a minimum of $10,000 can be used as collateral for the loan. With many options available, you can explore different car choices and secure financing for your next adventure.


Bankwest – Car loan

  • Loan Type Car loans
  • Interest Rate from 7.99%
  • Loan Amount up to $100,000
  • Repayment 3 years to 7 years

Benefits of Bankwest

  • Flexible payment plans
  • Fixed interest rates
  • Make extra payments

Car loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This car loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Quick and efficient 10-minute online application process

The online application process is designed to be quick and efficient, taking less than 10 minutes to complete. You'll receive an instant response, eliminating the wait time associated with traditional loan applications.

If you're already a Bankwest customer, you can save even more time by logging on via online banking to pre-fill your details. For those who’ve previously started an application, you can easily resume where you left off. Convenience and efficiency are at the heart of Bankwest's car loan experience.

When applying for a car loan with Bankwest, there are a few things you'll need to have on hand. Firstly, you'll need at least two forms of identification for the electronic ID check.

Accepted forms of identification

  • Australian driver's license
  • Medicare card
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate

You'll also need to provide details about the length of your employment and your employer’s contact numbers. You'll also be asked for information regarding your income, expenses, assets, credit cards, and any other loans you may have.

Requirements for a Bankwest car loan

To meet the requirements for a Bankwest car loan, you must be permanently living in Australia and 18 years and older. You'll also need to read and accept their privacy statement and consent. As part of their verification process, they may call, email, or SMS. If you're a foreign tax resident, be prepared to provide your valid tax identification number.

Recognising the potential for unexpected life changes, this esteemed bank considers any anticipated financial circumstances that may impact repayment. By considering these factors, they aim to assist you in making informed decisions that align with your financial goals.

Documents required once your car loan is approved

When applying for a secured car loan, additional documents may be required once your loan is approved.

If purchasing from a dealership, you'll need

  • A signed contract of sale
  • Tax invoice
  • Vehicle details
  • A motor vehicle insurance certificate showing Bankwest as the registered interest

For a private sale, you’ll need to provide

  • Current registration papers
  • A payout letter (if applicable)
  • Motor vehicle insurance certificate

If using your own vehicle as security, provide the current registration papers and a motor vehicle insurance certificate highlighting this bank as the registered interest.

Range of services to manage and optimise your financial journey

As a Bankwest customer, you have access to a range of services to help you manage and optimise your financial journey. You can explore diverse home loan options for your dream home at flexible and competitive rates. Being part of this bank means you can take control of your bank accounts with customised online banking.

With a variety of credit card offerings, you can discover rewards, convenience, and enhanced security for your everyday transactions. This bank is committed to supporting you in maximising the benefits of your financial products and achieving your goals.

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Bankwest is a trusted & reliable provider of car loans

In our review, Bankwest adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with the National Consumer Protection Act, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

✅ Bankwest is a registered credit provider in Australia: ACL 234945

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2023

I recently obtained a car loan from Bankwest, and I couldn't be happier with my experience. The Bankwest team was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. They guided m...

Samuel R
— Darwin —

May 2023

Bankwest's online platform made it easy to complete the necessary forms and submit the required documents. The loan approval was relatively quick, and I was promptly informed of the outcome.

Peter A
— Perth —

May 2023

I appreciate that Bankwest provided transparency regarding fees and charges, making me feel confident in my decision. If you're in the market for a car loan, I highly recommend considering Bankwe...

Robert W
— Sydney —

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