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  • Quick loans up to $1,000
  • Flexible repayment period
  • Low interest rates

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About Cigno

If you require a relatively small amount of money to cover some costs that you just couldn’t see coming, Cigno is there to assist you.

Maybe you need a small amount of cash for an emergency opportunity, whether it is for a good opportunity or an unfortunate emergency, Cigno Loans offers you a great, quick solution for your exact needs, with the help of a Quick Loan.

Sometimes life hits you with some costs that you just could not see coming your way, these could be great opportunities or they could be unfortunate costs. However, whichever they may be, you just could not see them coming, but this does not have to be a problem.

There are quick ways around it, and in this case, Cigno Loans offers you just the perfect temporary and quick solution to these unforeseen costs. This solution is a quick loan. Whether you are a bad credit client or not, you have access to several great quick loans through several different credit lenders.

About Cigno loans

Cigno Loans Australia specializes in emergency cash and acts as an agent concerning applying and the management of different types of loans, which include different types of quick loans.

Cigno Loans assists you in sourcing credit from reputable lenders who offer credit loans. Cigno Loans assist you to do this by starting with Cigno’s quick and easy application.

This quick and easy application will help get you in touch with the ideal quick loan lender for your loan needs. For this reason, Cigno Loans Australia is in fact not a Quick loan lender itself, but rather acts as an agent in assisting you to obtain a loan from a credit lender who offers great, affordable, quick, and effective loans.

Cigno Services

A Quick loan is usually a relatively small amount of money that can be paid off relatively quickly, without breaking the bank.

You will get some great quick loan offers of an amount anywhere from $100 - $1,000 for your short-term loan needs. These loans will be offered to you once you have filled out the simple and easy Cigno Loans application.

These quick online loan options will be offered to you by the different lenders who fit the requirements that are outlined in your application. This amount that you lend will be ideal for any of those unforeseen costs and could be just the right amount to get you out of the situation that you find yourself in.

Different quick loan options

While applying for your quick loan, you are offered some different loan solutions, which are suited to your needs. So, whatever your situation may be, Cigno Loans are here to help you apply for the ideal quick loan.

Your loan options include: 

  • Fast loan without having credit checks – these are quick loans through lenders who do not require a check of your credit history to get a loan.
  • Fast loans for those with bad credit – Cigno loans will get you a quick loan for your needs even if you have bad credit, it is not a problem.
  • Quick small loans – these loans are exactly that, a quick loan. Cigno loans optimize your application to ensure you get approved.
  • Fast advance loans – quick loans to help bridge the gap of some emergency funds before payday.
  • Fast loans for people on Centrelink – quick loans for those whose payments are not recognized by the bank as income.

Cigno – Quick loan

  • Loan Type Quick loans
  • Loan Amount up to $1,000

Benefits of Cigno

  • Quick and easy online application
  • Fast loan approval
  • Low interest rates

Quick loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This quick loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Easy application process

With Cigno Loans, the process and requirements are simple, fast, and easy.

This is because Cigno wants to help you get your quick loan funds as soon as possible. So, all that you would need to apply is your most recent bank statement, 90-day bank statement, your personal details, which will include your contact details and your address.

Should there be a rare occasion where any further information is required, Cigno Loans will notify you and help you get that sorted out as quickly as possible so that your application can be processed and approved in no time at all.

Service fees

Upon doing and processing your application, all the relevant costs and fees will be provided to you, most simply, so that you are 100% aware of all the costs and lender costs involved in your quick loan.

Typically, what you can expect is for your costs to be separated into 2 sections, these are:

  • Cigno Loans service charges.
  • The lender’s costs

These costs vary according to the amount that you apply for to take out for your quick loan. These costs will be laid out in full during your application.

Loan application process

Once you have completed your application process, Cigno Loans will act as your agent for the application and the management of your quick loan. Cigno Loans handles the communication with the lender concerning your loan.

Cigno Loans will also agree with the credit lender to make the payments for your loan on your behalf according to the Loan Agreement, stipulated by the credit lender. Your quick loan amount will be paid to you, directly into your bank account on the same day, within a few hours, through Cigno Loans once the credit application has been approved by the credit lender.

Applications are extremely easy to fill out and simple to do. The application can be completed on the Cigno Loans website, alternatively, you could get in contact with a Cigno Loans agent over the phone. All the relevant contact details and further information including some relatable FAQ’s are all on the Cigno Loans website.

Short-term loans

Cigno Loans are here to help you as best as possible. This is why your repayment schedule, as well as your loan amount, will be tailored to suit your needs as well as to suit your pocket.

Once your online short-term loan has been paid off, Cigno Loans will help you to apply for any loans that you could require in the future, whenever, and if ever, you will need them.

These loans are all for the sake of helping you get a quick loan without any hassles or hiccups. This is because Cigno Loans knows better than anybody else that when you require some cash quickly, then you need to get it as urgently as possible.

Payback period

The repayment of your Quick loan will be as affordable as possible for you and will be according to your payday. This is to ensure that you can still handle the paying of your monthly expenses and not leave you worse off than before you got the quick loan.

Usually, the quick loan will be repaid sooner than later, all depending on your type of quick loan, which will be determined once you have applied for your very own quick loan. 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2019

I would highly recommend Cigno Loans for those needing a loan as soon as possible.
they give you payback options too, which is handy.

Smith L
— Melbourne —

November 2019

I had a fantastic experience and service with Cigno Loans. It was fast and reliable.
There were no delays at all, they were very fast with responding to my messages.
I was very satisfied, it wa...

Krys D
— Sydney —

June 2019

I have been using Cigno Loans for years. They have been very helpful even when I hit hard times about repayments they are willing to help. I will definitely use them more often, I am still using ...

Carlos J
— Perth —

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