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Switzer Home Loans

  • Home loans up to $250,000
  • Low-interest starting from 3.89%
  • Repayment up to 30 years

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About Switzer Home Loans

A different kettle of fish and the brainchild of investment specialist Peter Switzer, Switzer Home Loans boasts a wonderfully simplified scroll-down site online.

Marrying the principles of investment with the Australian desire for a brick & mortar home, Switzer Home Loan has a highly attractive and savvy offering.

The man has credibility

Having been a persona for many years on air, Peter Switzer teamed up with Synergy Home Loans to form Switzer Home Loans and, it must be said, there are certain perks for the average consumer.

While the marriage of investment with the average Australian’s home-buying impetus may well appear a tenuous association, nonetheless the fundamentals remain and the company’s offer is attractive for many reasons.

Better rates and lower fees

Offering far better interest rates, limited period fixed rates and a no-fee account has earned this company acclaim from many.

Coupled with sound investment and tax advice that is always factored into the overall deal, a Switzer mortgage is probably the most attractive and dynamic for Australians from a non-bank lender.

Although it can be imagined that the majority of applicants merely want the home they want and seek also to limit devaluation & are not aggressive investors, nonetheless the offering still makes great sense.

Switzer Home Loans Services

The unique differences of a Switzer Home Loan, apart from the knowledge that their focus is on avoiding bad investments and optimising good ones, are numerous.

With a great offered variable rate of 3.89% and an investor’s variable rate of 4.09%, the company enters the ballpark.

Fixed-rate loans

A fixed rate for both owner-occupied and investor would currently be 3.97%. Following on from this, a consumer can fix an interest rate for a limited period, pay interest only for a negotiated period and/or generally structure repayments “to suit their investment needs” as the company claims.

While base criteria remain and one needs to both have an acceptable credit rating as well as regular income, the company does come with a home loan with a different passion. With a focus on savvy money management, Switzer Home Loans certainly do hustle and bustle a home loan in many ways in order to ensure it’s budget-effective.

Highly tailored solutions

They also ensure that it’s tax-effective and rewarding over the longer term. Claiming to offer “highly tailored solutions” to Australian citizens looking to buy property, the company lives up to its promise and brings a willingness to tweak and shuffle figures to make things work for their clients.

Switzer Home Loans – Home loan

  • Loan Type Home loans
  • Interest Rate from 3.89%
  • Loan Amount up to $250,000
  • Repayment 12 months to 30 years

Benefits of Switzer Home Loans

  • Home Loans
  • Investment Loans

Switzer Home loans offers you tailored solutions to finance your dream home

With a clear eye on building a portfolio - however modest - or leaving a decent legacy of value behind, this company certainly has a different take on things.

Many citizens are finding it a massively welcome angle, however, as typically all people have some trepidation when making such a large purchase.

Speaking the layman’s jargon

With more than enough credibility and just enough tech jargon, Switzer Home Loans strikes a chord for many Australians who ponder aspects like future value.

Whereas before one simply bought a house and hoped for the best, clients in the new era ponder future returns, the possibility & cost of renovations and improvements, as well as where their children will be one day and what they’ll do with the family property.

Addressing your needs

Switzer Home Loans can help clients address all of these things, offer a consumer-focused rate and tailored deal, as well as answer any investment and tax-related enquiries. If you're ready to make an application simply visit their website and complete their online loan application form and you will hear from an agent.

How can you pay your home loan?

In order to ensure that you don’t find yourself running around on the last day of your payment date, signing up for a debit order option is so might better. This way, both parties can relax because the systematic option will ensure that everything goes smoothly and without any issues.

Should you not have the money at your disposal on the date of your payment, please inform them as soon as possible. Don’t wait until it is too late to notify them as there is little that can be done in this case. They understand that certain problems may arise that may make it difficult for the client to pay his home loan on time.

There will be extra charges that will be due to you in the event that you can’t pay your home loan on the agreed-upon date. A constant pattern of late payments will put a negative impact on your credit profile.

Are you allowed to view your home loan profile?

The client can go to their home loan profile at any time of their choosing. They are also allowed to make changes to their personal details if the need arises.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

January 2019

I finally got a home loan I can afford at Switzer Home Loans.

Kimberly W
— Maitland —

April 2019

If you are looking for an affordable home loan, Switzer Home Loans is your go-to credit provider.

Vanessa I
— Lismore —

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